LINK, through the advent of RegenSim, has developed the capability to simulate regenerative braking conditions on inertia brake dynamometers.

RegenSim enables the ProLINK control system to act as a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), distributing the amount of work to be done between the friction brake and the regenerative source.


Key Benefits

  • LINK’s RegenSim is the most advanced regenerative braking testing software available in the market today.
  • Can be added to any test sequence by entering basic hybrid vehicle parameters.
  • The current ProLINK control system is flexible to take in different vehicle inputs to simulate regenerative braking profiles.
  • ProLINK RegenSim is able to control to a constant deceleration, simulating the regenerative operation from the vehicle.
  • The dynamometer provides accurate control even in durations in which there is no work performed by the friction brake.