Model 3100 SAE N 2 – Wet Friction Test Stand


The LINK Model 3100 SAE No. 2 Test Stand is designed to perform standard SAE and developmental wet friction testing on clutch and band systems utilizing production hardware and fluids. This machine incorporates the latest technology for optimal testing versatility and correlation to actual powertrain operating conditions.


Key Benefits

  • Inertia simulation simulates shift characteristics during testing
  • Multiple energy levels without mechanical inertia changes
  • High precision control and measurement (torque, fluid flow and temperature, apply pressure with profiling capability)
  • Flexible programmability (automatic and manual control modes)

Key Features

  • Fully automatic or operator dependent controls
  • Pneumatic, ATF, or dual apply system
  • Differential Variable Reluctance Transducer (DVRT) sensor in the head
  • Recirculating hydraulic system
  • Fluid temperature control