Steering Assembly Test Stand


This system will test hydraulic power steering units consisting of a rack and pinion with an integrated power steering boost valve. The first set of tests is run without power steering fluid flowing to the unit and the next tests are run with power steering fluid.

The power steering fluid is flow/pressure controlled to emulate the power steering pump in a vehicle. Several sensors measure input and output forces and torques on the specimen, while the linear and rotary positions of the parts of the specimen are also measured. This information is collected, stored, and displayed by the software running on the PC.



  • Steering Gear Performance
  • Passenger Car Steering Systems
  • Truck Steering Systems

Test Procedures

  • Initialization
  • Dry input torque test
  • Dry return ability test
  • Dry return time test
  • Purge cycle
  • Wet input torque test
  • Wet return ability test
  • Wet return time test
  • Power torque test (steering effort)
  • Boost curve and internal leakage test
  • Backlash and pressure versus angle test
  • Torsion bar test