Model 3900 NVH Brake Dynamometer




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Test Type

Performance, Durability, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness, Certification / Type Approval

Model 3900 NVH Brake Dynamometer


The full-sized Model 3900 NVH Brake Dynamometer is used to evaluate Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) of automotive and medium truck brake systems in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. Utilizing a vehicle suspension fixture, it can accurately reproduce system NVH frequencies during low-speed brake drag protocols. Available in Standard, High Speed (HS) and Heavy Duty (HD) versions, this highly configurable Dynamometer can also be used for performance brake testing.


Control Software ProLINK
Sample Rate

2000 samples/sec

Drive Motor

186 kW (DC)

Shaft Speed

0 - 3000 rpm

Brake Torque

5650 Nm

Mechanical Inertia

33 - 280.5 kgm²

Inertia Range with I-Sim

5 - 400 kgm²

Brake Apply Pressure

200 bar

Brake Apply Rate

1000 bar/sec


-40 to +60°C


15 to 95% RH


Key Benefits:

  • ProLINK software
  • Operator controls on pedestal workstation
  • Proven components with low maintenance
  • Controls and power cabinet Integrated onto machine
  • Large environmentally controlled test enclosure
  • Suspension and knuckle test fixtures isolated from machine vibrations
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Video monitoring camera

Test Procedures

  • AMS high speed fade
  • BEEPTM certification using SAE J2784
  • Brake Torque Variation - BTV
  • Corrosion removal behavior
  • Drum-in-hat performance
  • DTV generation and correction
  • ECE R13 and R90 type approval for categories N, M, and O
  • ISO 11157-ECE R13 performance
  • ISO 26867 friction behavior assessment
  • JASO C406 passenger car brake performance
  • JASO C419 and C459 caliper performance and durability
  • JASO C427 wear vs. temperature
  • JASO C436 in-line parking brake performance
  • JASO C442 parking brake structural integrity
  • JASO C443 mountain descent simulation
  • JASO C456 wear indicator noise
  • LACT noise and wear simulation
  • Laurel Mountain durability
  • Parking brake drive-away
  • Parking brake performance
  • Rotor thermal deflection
  • Rotor thermal fatigue
  • SAE J2784 for FMVSS 105 & 135 dyno testing below 4 450 kg GVWR
  • SAE J2928 rotor crack for aftermarket
  • Rotor thermal fatigue, shock, and strength testing
  • SAE J2521 noise squeal matrix
  • SAE J2522 AK-Master
  • SAE J2707 wear vs. temperature and block wear
  • Structural integrity
  • Dynamometer testing under ISO 15484

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