Model 2490 Torque Durability Machine


The durability of brake components is an important part of the brake manufacturer’s matrix of safety responsibilities. The Model 2490 Torque Durability Machine is designed to provide low speed, high torque durability testing for caliper assemblies, parking brake systems, and associated brake hardware.

The machine’s design takes advantage of LINK’s durable dynamometer components and utilizes tailstocks, brake applies and parking brakes from these systems. Tailstocks with in-line torque transducers are used for mounting the brake fixtures that can be the same as used on the LINK dynamometers.

The two-independent brake apply systems are the same as those used in LINK dynamometer design and provide constant pressure or constant torque capabilities. The portable servo-controlled parking brake apply system can be used with either the Torque Durability Machine or a dynamometer by simply plugging it into the tailstock.

The operation of this machine is controlled by the ProLINK software package running under Microsoft® Windows®. This software package combines dynamometer control, data acquisition, data analysis, and reporting into one convenient package. These modules work together to provide a robust environment for the most demanding control and test systems. Programming, control, and data review may be performed locally at the control PC, or remotely across a LAN connection. Options are provided for test to failure and specific cycle limits.


Key Benefits

  • Low-speed and high-torque operation
  • In-line torque transducers
  • ProLINK software package
  • Flexibility and multiple mode operation


  • Single or dual ended operation
  • DTV measurement
  • Dual caliper mounting
  • Multiple speed operational ranges
  • Dual speed range systems
  • Parking brake actuation
  • Custom configurations