LINK offers a broad range of fatigue rated actuators for a wide variety of testing and high-performance industrial applications. The development of both linear and rotary actuators stems from many years of experience in the testing industry, partnerships with major suppliers, and utilizing advanced design techniques such as FEA analysis. LINK also repairs fatigue rated actuators from a variety of other manufacturers. This allows us to learn from a large range of failure modes on equipment that has been in operation for many years, and apply that knowledge to the design of our products


Rotary Actuators

LINK’s rotary actuators are available with dual vanes and +/- 50-degree rotation. Another option is the spinning rotary actuator, which is designed for 4-square applications.

  • RSA Series
  • SRA2 Series

Linear Actuators

LINK’s actuator product line allows the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of designs. Each model’s particular characteristics are designed to address a specific application or, optimized for a certain market.

Standard Polymer Bearing:

  • LPA Actuator
  • LCA Actuator
  • LAA Actuator
  • LAH Actuator
  • LHF Series
  • LHA Series