Model 5002 Residual Drag Tailstock


The LINK Model 5002 Residual Drag Tailstock (Model 5002) measures both brake-on and brake-off torque during a single test. It provides the capacity to measure full scale stops with the added benefit of measuring residual drag at the most accurate levels available in the industry. This enables manufacturers to fine-tune their brakes, ensuring consistency and functionality. This pneumatic bearing design utilizes mechanical locks which isolate the drag torque sensor during dynamic stops.

The Model 5002 is available to purchase for use with a LINK inertia brake dynamometer or as an upgrade to many existing LINK performance dynamometers.


Key Features

  • Utilizes pneumatic bearing to eliminate friction forces from the drag torque measurement
  • Quick and efficient shifts from dynamic to drag torque measurements using fast-acting isolation locks
  • Compatible with ProLINK data acquisition software, simplifying the data acquisition process


Drag Torque Full Scale
70 N·m (620 in·lb)
System Measurement Accuracy
± 0.07 N·m (± 0.1 % drag full scale)
Maximum Tailstock Torque
5650 N·m (50,000 in·lb)
Tailstock Temperature Operating Range
5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)